Client Testimonial Video

Sandra and Rob spend time getting to know you and what limitations you may have and ensure you have a workout routine that takes this into account. I have degeneration in my neck and when I tried other trainers in the past I had to stop, as my neck would seize up. This did not happen with Sandra and Rob in fact the muscles around my neck are now stronger and I have greater movement in my neck.
— Corine

I would highly recommend both Sandra and Rob as personal trainers. They really listen. They listened to what I was saying and sometimes what I wasn’t saying. They gave me information without being preachy and encouraged me, even when I sometimes tripped. The programs they designed were always just right for me – challenging but within my capacities.
— Laurie

Approximatley four months ago, my wife and I decided to join your “Lean for Life” program, after meeting with Sandra for an initial consultaion, we were very impressed with your expertise and felt inspired about making a life-style change that would improve our overall health and wellness, and allow us to set a better example for our children.

It has been a true pleasure working with both you and your husband Rob. You have developed a great program with a focus on nutrition, exercise and accountability to help people realize their goals. In just under 4 months, I have lost a total of 40 lbs and my wife has lost 18 pounds. We have more energy, less stress, and are well on our way to reaching our personal goals. A huge Thank you to both you and Rob for being such excellent mentors!
— Mattias & Lindsay

Sandra taught me how to work smart at my goals and how to combine different approaches to both weight loss and anti-aging. I definitely recommend Muscle Lines and Sandra Froher if you want success too!
— Pelle

Stop shopping around for a fitness solution or personal trainer, stop procrastinating, Muscle Lines is the answer to all your fitness goals and healthy new lifestyle.

Growing up I was never an athlete but always showed an aptitude to apply myself, focus and be determined to do whatever it took to accomplish my goals. For many years I wanted to be a part of school sports teams but I found myself never being able to shine to my true potential because I felt overshadowed by other girls who clearly showed they had a natural gift and aptitude for athleticism. In turn, I put 100% focus to my studies and art. The first time I met Sandra 4 years ago,she changed my life. I come from a European family and the constant celebration of and around food started to turn into overeating. Soon I was the biggest I have ever been in my life and in an emotional slump. I dropped a total of 38lbs over 4 months with the help and direction of Sandra’s exercise and nutrition plan. It was a whole new me, and not only physically. Sandra showed me I could be successful and achieve the athleticism I always wanted. I came out of the experience absolutely ecstatic and I am still loving the new lifestyle she set me on to this day!

My most recent experience with Sandra was not to accomplish what I did those few years ago but to achieve a new level of success in my fitness goals. I came in just after Christmas looking to shed the extra 5lbs due to holiday treats and accumulated fun. Truly speaking, I looked great and didn’t need to lose the extra weight but I wanted to push myself to become an even better version of me, physically and mentally. Since starting up on a new and more challenging program, I lost the extra 5lbs within the first 5 weeks and then came out losing 13lbs overall. This being said, the amount of muscle that I have built and developed along this process is what has truly changed my body, not just the weight loss alone. I am the lightest I have ever been, I am also the happiest and most energized. I feel on fire – like I can do anything I put my mind to! I love food and I love what I get to enjoy every day to fuel this body. I still enjoy life and the goodies that come along the way but I feel empowered by treating myself, not guilty, when I do. Since my early school years, I have finally achieved the sense of empowerment, drive and discipline I was craving. The secret was that I had to push and empower myself to do it on my own terms – and Sandra is the one who has brought me to be able reach my goals and maintain them.

It had always been a personal goal of mine to possibly compete someday.
Sandra started me with a weight-training program, which helped me to not only learn to lift the weights properly, but also allowed me to incrementally adjust the amount of weight. With her assistance, a “clean eating” guide was formulated, one that has allowed me to enhance some of my families’ favourite recipes. I learned there were things that could be easily substituted in many of my recipes.She had me track my food intake and I was able to meet with here regularly to review my progress.

This last summer, I decided that I needed to set a goal, something that would push me beyond my normal comfort zone. After discussion with Sandra, I set that goal. It would be to compete in my first fitness model competition come fall.

That competition was just 17 weeks away and yet with Sandra’s support, it could be achievable. I told my friends and family what my goal was and the more people I seemed to tell, the more committed I was to see it through.

It meant that I had to exert effort to reach the result. As the time got closer to the competition, Sandra would adjust my training program and diet to maximize results. Physical training and diet are just two things that lead up to entering a competition. Sandra also provided much help with the selection of a posing suit, shoes, hair, make-up, tanning and posing.

As I became anxious, with the date of the completion fast approaching, Sandra was there to offer the much-needed encouragement and to make certain that I was on track to achieve my goal. Sandra had the timing of my last meals, supplements and water intake all laid out in the days just prior to the competition. She gave me some tips on how to calm my nerves, but most of all, she said that I should enjoy the experience. She told me that I deserved to be on that stage with all my effort and the package I was bringing.

Being up on stage was an amazing experience, although nervous I was very excited. Here I was, with weeks of training and following a regimented diet finally competing in my first completion and to place 3rd in the Tall Fitness Model Division was the ultimate reward for my effort.

I can’t thank Sandra enough for helping me reach my goal of competing. Without her support, training methods and encouragement, I would not have been able to do it with out her. I can’t wait to compete again this summer and have Sandra help me bring a whole new package to the stage.
— Courtney Widdifield

This fall I was fortunate enough to be referred to Sandra Froher and her Lean for Life program. I was looking for an all around fitness coach who could also help me with meal planning and weight loss goals.

Sandra and her husband Rob exceeded those expectations with great nutritional advice and a program that works for weight loss. The weight training and fitness sessions are well planned and fun! You are challenged appropriately when your body is ready. My goal was to get back into a great routine of wellness and this has been a great start!

Many thanks to Sandra and Rob who genuinely care about each and every client.
— Debbie Hartz

Earlier this year, I decided that it was time to focus on health and fitness. This was not the first time that I made this resolve, but my past efforts always ended up with a cycle of quick weight loss followed by weight gain. I knew that I needed help.

I was so happy to meet you after a client of yours recommended you. You did not judge me for the overweight, unfit state that I was in. You did not promise me magic and did not expect me to go into ‘boot camp’ mode. Instead, you offered me coaching, prepared a customized, healthy eating plan for me and started me on a workout suited to my ability at the time, gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

In less than 4 months, I have lost nearly 40 pounds, and still going. I feel stronger than ever before and able to do things I was not able to do before. When we started working together, I was not able to get up from the floor without leaning on something. Today I am easily able to stand up without help. And who would have believed I would ever be doing planks and lifting 15 pound weights in each hand? The eating principles you introduced have become habits and I am confident that I can maintain this way of life. For someone who led a mostly sedentary life and disliked physical activity, it is hard to believe that I have incorporated workouts into 5 days of my week and actually look forward to them!

Thank you Sandra & Rob for helping me with the most important goal I have ever made. You have helped me change my life and I am so grateful.
— Iris