Below are just a few of the questions we frequently receive about personal training, fitness coaching, and nutrition planning. Have a question that you don't see here? Contact us!

Do I have to be in shape to start?

Muscle Lines programs start where your fitness level is at now, working on body alignment and safety for our clients is number one. We will assess your balance & help to strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight ones. From beginner to elite athlete our customized programs will encompass all your special needs and requests to safely take you straight to your goals.

Where can I work with Muscle Lines?

Muscle Lines exclusive private studio offers a non intimidating environment , with highly skilled experts. Everything that is discussed will be strictly confidential between client & trainer. If you are not local or available to train one on one my on line programs are highly structured for your success.

I have some health problems & old injuries should I wait to get started?

Muscle Lines offers a FREE consultation to assess your needs and any special circumstance you may require. Our consultation for your goals will provide each of us with information to safely & effectively reach your goals. Our health questionnaire & thorough consultation will provide a safe approach any special needs. Muscle Lines has access to a network of experts to further assess any special needs before proceeding.

I am afraid to start because I can’t seem to stick with any diet or exercise plan, will I have to count calories?

Lean for Life programs offer structured goal setting that holds you accountable in ways that work for your busy schedule. There will be NO calorie counting “Lean for Life” is a sustainable lifestyle change that organizes and builds momentum into your weekly routine. Muscle Lines promises to motivate you in a positive manner that is most efficient in reaching your goals. Muscle Lines is educated to build momentum into your programs & address old behaviour habits to finally make those changes.

My stomach is the only area that I am dissatisfied with can we work mostly on my trouble spot?

Muscle Lines is well known for there ability to make total transformations, our approach is uniquely structured to educate our clients on how to be “Lean for Life”

Can I afford these programs?

Muscle Lines programs are prescribed based on your goals and desires. We will together find the appropriate package that best suits your lifestyle & budget. Muscle Lines packages are customized to suit your specific goals & needs.

Once I have reached my goal what happens then?

We have a variety of on going maintenance programs that will help you stay connected to us. Through our continued education & motivational techniques you will be able to maintain the goals you have achieved indefinitely.

Can I get my training online?

Absolutely. There are several online packages to chose from. You will simply tell us your goals & we will design your program. Our online programs are designed for a 10-12 week progression. Nutritional plans will be customized for your metabolic needs.  Sign up to receive the Muscle Lines newsletter to stay posted. Follow me at my Facebook Fan Page for fitness & health tips. Write us an e-mail for any further questions; it will be our pleasure to guide you closer towards your health & fitness goals.