Nutrition and Exercise Mastery

With all the confusion around what to eat and all the trending diets out there we are here to help cut the frustration and put back the simplicity in knowing what to eat. Food is medicine and can heal you or make you ill. Its important to understand your body’s design and what it needs to stay healthy and lean. We teach a back to nature approach and rhythmic eating with no calorie counting designed to reset the blood sugar and hormonal levels. Learn how to reach for the right foods and have less cravings choosing nutrient dense choices.

If exercise and nutrition feels like grinding and force we invite you to question that belief. What if it felt like Ease and Alignment with who you are. Our teaching about exercise and nutrition is all about resetting your palette and your body to an early time in life when struggle and effort did not exist. Mastery over your health will not arise with more information, it will happen when you chose the path of the master. The master path is all about being the seeker of truth and we at Muscle Lines have researched and found truth in health and are willing to share it with you.

Nutritional Advice:

Learn to understand how your metabolism works. How to be a fat burning machine.

You will be educated in what it takes to fuel your body for success to finally reach your goals. Muscle Lines teaches sustainable programs that take the frustration & guess work away. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and why you are choosing foods is half the battle. We teach you how to stock your kitchen for success & make shopping lists that promote good health.

  • In this course you will discover what has kept you from your goals.
  • Learning about old behaviour habits and re-training for success.
  • Some homework will be expected. This package is nutritional advice only.