“Fitness is for everyone all sizes, shapes & ages. To be strong & healthy is the foundation to living a high quality of life.”
— Sandra Froher

Sandra is an expert trainer, master of physique design, and fitness coach whose programs encourage balance & excellence through carefully planned structure to accommodate today’s busy lifestyle and time constraints.

Sandra holds a nature food certification through the Bastyr College of Natural Health & Science.

Performing as a world champion requires a tool box full of knowledge & discipline, and these ingredients allow Sandra to teach these skills to you.

Sandra’s optimistic & honest approach will support and guide you step by step, straight to your goals, with a passion to succeed.

Sandra truly believes in the power of measurable success. Sandra will help you set short and long term goals that are realistic.

Achievements and Certifications

Ms. Figure, Ms. Physique, Fitness Model

  • 2015 Ageless Living - Best Personal Trainer
  • 2013 Status Fitness Magazine exclusive cover model contest Top 100
  • 2013 Fitness Star best International  fitness photo contest 2 place on-line magazine
  • 2013 Vic 42 on line magazine featuring unique individual in the community!
  • 2010 I.N.B.A. Natural Universe, Ms Classic Figure 2nd Place
  • 2009 I.N.B.A. Flex Appeal International, Ms. Figure Open Tall, 1st Place
  • 2009 I.N.B.A. Flex Appeal International, Ms. Figure Master, 1st Place
  • 2009 Ms. Figure, Over All Best
  • 2009 Figure America, Master, 6th Place
  • 2008 I.N.B.A. Natural Olympia, Ms. Figure, Bronze Medal
  • 2008 Canadian Sports Model of the Year over 35
  • 2008 International Flex Appeal Las Vegas, Master Sports Model, 1st Place
  • 2008 International Flex Appeal, Bikini Diva, 1st Place
  • 2007 Ivkar Cup Athletic Physique, Open Tall, 2nd Place
  • 2007 Ivkar Cup Athletic Physique, Master 1st Place
  • 2007 I.N.B.A. Natural Olympia Greece, Ms Physique, Bronze Medal


    1980: Bodybuilding

    • West Coast Champion
    • Ms. B.C.
    • Ms. Seattle
    • Ms. Washington State
    • Ms. Western Canada (Best Over All)
    • Canadian Champion


    • B.C.R.P.A. Fitness Theory
    • B.C.R.P.A. Strength Trainer
    • B.C.R.P.A. Personal Trainer
    • I.A.R.T. International Assoc. of Resistance Trainers
    • N.N.F.A. National Natural Food Assoc.
    • M.B.S. Mind, Body Specialist
    • Can Fit Pro Member
    • C.P.R. First Aid