World class fitness trainer knows how to get you there!

I first met with Sandra just over two years ago, as I wanted to become more motivated and accountable with my fitness training.

I was drawn to her, as she had amassed an amazing portfolio stemming from her various competitions.

It had always been a personal goal of mine to possibly compete someday.

My previous training went through phases. I tried TRX classes, Cross-fit, Kettle Bells and Boot-camps just to name a few. Now, as I hadn’t achieved the results I wanted, I was looking for a more structured program, one that I could stick with, but afforded me the flexibility to balance both shift work and the time required for a busy family life.

Sandra started me with a weight-training program, which helped me to not only learn to lift the weights properly, but also allowed me to incrementally adjust the amount of weight. With her assistance, a “clean eating” guide was formulated, one that has allowed me to enhance some of my families’ favourite recipes. I learned there were things that could be easily substituted in many of my recipes. She had me track my food intake and I was able to meet with her regularly to review my progress.

This last summer, I decided that I needed to set a goal, something that would push me beyond my normal comfort zone. After discussion with Sandra, I set that goal. It would be to compete in my first fitness model competition come fall.

That competition was just 17 weeks away and yet with Sandra’s support, it could be achievable. I told my friends and family what my goal was and the more people I seemed to tell, the more committed I was to see it through.

It meant that I had to exert effort to reach the result. As the time got closer to the competition, Sandra would adjust my training program and diet to maximize results. Physical training and diet are just two things that lead up to entering a competition. Sandra also provided much help with the selection of a posing suit, shoes, hair, make-up, tanning and posing.

As I became anxious, with the date of the completion fast approaching, Sandra was there to offer the much-needed encouragement and to make certain that I was on track to achieve my goal. Sandra had the timing of my last meals, supplements and water intake all laid out in the days just prior to the competition. She gave me some tips on how to calm my nerves, but most of all, she said that I should enjoy the experience. She told me that I deserved to be on that stage with all my effort and the package I was bringing.

Being up on stage was an amazing experience, although nervous I was very excited. Here I was, with weeks of training and following a regimented diet finally competing in my first completion and to place 3rd in the Tall Fitness Model Division was the ultimate reward for my effort.

I can’t thank Sandra enough for helping me reach my goal of competing. Without her support, training methods and encouragement, I would not have been able to do it with out her. I can’t wait to compete again this summer and have Sandra help me bring a whole new package to the stage.

Courtney Widdifield