Why do we even care about physical health?

What is the act of health?

I believe health is a verb not a noun and it is also a game.

The act of caring for oneself or their body is the highest form of honour you can show to a collection of intelligent cells whose only purpose from birth to death is to give you unquestioning loyalty, love, capability and support.

If that last statement is true why does it seem like some of us are losing the game of health and fitness?

The short answer is we are playing the wrong game.

What I mean by that is we are trained to play finite games, with agreed upon rules, starting points, objectives and ending criteria.

Life or health are none of those things. We must agree to play the infinite game and by playing this game we must also agree that an infinite game has few or no rules, it has no end and no beginning.

For this reason human beings find their health and fitness very confronting because it seems like there is no end and if we do not see an immediate need like a health crisis or ripped abs by tomorrow we do not see a point to maintaining it.

Human beings have a great thing called memory which tends to give us a false sense of how this thing called fitness will turn out for us based on our past success.

This ability is great for survival or learning but it tends to kill the infinite game as people assume they see their certain future and refuse to play or play for a while but lose interest because their finished product did not meet their expectations.

I propose an alternate view, what if we just viewed this moment as our first time and needed to response to the immediate reality that we do not know how this will turn out. Even better we have a brand new opportunity in every moment of life to create the best, you possible because the only thing we can change is our current moment of reality.

One great workout is all that is required to play the infinite game. If we set ourselves up to use our current situation as the only reality we can change then it only makes sense that our bodies and minds will change according to how many current moments we can string together as healthy moments.

Your logical left brain cannot perceive change at such a slow pace so most of us reject this simplistic view.

This may seem like simple logic however there is one piece that is missing from this puzzle. Your ability to remain present in this moment and create it as a brand new thing, which means not dragging the past, social conditioning or feelings into it.

When you choose yourself as a possibility such as I am healthy you take actions that align with that possibility. You actually become that possibility. You also are free to make a choice for health without reasons, past, feelings or successful outcome.

Freedom to move, to think and to just be is the gift of this presence in your own body.

If there was something to leave you with it would be this…. The only way to fail at health is refuse to play the game